Every day I seek meaning and purpose in my life. But while I do so I never allow myself to settle into any routine which won’t provide me growth. I challenge myself daily, and over the years I’ve dabbled in a few things. From working in an office to working in schools to working on a farm. But my passion has always been people and how we can
live our best life possible.

WithIMG_6091 my number one test subject always being myself I’ve spent years focusing my attention on what allows me to feel the best that I can. What I learned is that each of our experiences is different and what works for me and my lifestyle won’t necessarily work for someone else’s.

After years of fighting against my perfectionist state of mind, I finally backed down. Doing so has allowed me to live my life more freely and happily than I ever imagined possible.

Wanting to understand people more, myself included, drove me to live a life focused on health, fitness, and overall wellness. I’ve exercised for over ten years. I played baseball for most of my youth life. I competed in a powerlifting competition and rand 10k, 15k, and half marathon races just six months later. I began learning more about supplements, food, the ingredients we consume. And how each interacts with our overall well being.

I was amazed to feel such a transformation in my own life by simply having a deeper
understanding of how our mind and body are so connected to our lifestyle.

Feeling like there was more balance awaiting me, I began hiking regularly and practicing meditation and yoga daily. For me, the latter was my missing link. But I also realize that if anything was taken out I would again feel unbalanced.

Once I cleared out all the junk from my mind and diet I felt lighter and regained control over my life. 

holi_4.jpegToday my journey of living my best life possible continues. It is far from perfect, but it’s the imperfections that make it so beautiful.

It is my hope that my experiences and my journey can somehow show whoever witnesses them that they too are capable of having a life that they can be proud of living.

I am grateful for each of you and the support that you have given me thus far. I Love hearing from you and look forward to continuing on this journey together. Please stay in touch and feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

Sometimes all it takes is a simple change of perspective. Are you ready to experience your life in a way you never believed imaginable?


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65 thoughts on “MY JOURNEY

  1. Impressive track record of life experiences. I am curious to learn about the certifications you have gone through. Perhaps you already have, but how about some info on which ones you went through, what they were like, and how they have added to the person you are today.
    Really nice site you have here. Keep it up!

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    1. Hey, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Any education could help open doors for us depending on what our goal is. My personal training certs helped me learn a lot about different people. I appreciate meeting and introducing new perspectives to different people. Sometimes they take it, others they don’t. I’ve learned that any of us who are open minded enough to look at life differently have the possibility to achieve great things.

      What types of things are you working on?

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  2. You are living the life I would live if I weren’t old, crippled, married, and a complete homebody! lol I can’t wait to read all about your adventures. Make them great. I’m going to live vicariously through you!

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    1. Hey, thanks for stopping by. And adding all the extra pressure haha 😆.

      Even a “crippled, married, homebody” can accomplish amazing things. But I’ll do my best to lead a life you can live vicariously through 🙏😎

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  3. Sounds like we have some similarities! We love our minimalist lifestyle and being outdoors! We do wish we’d done it sooner! Good for you!
    Thanks for the follow and I hope to get to know you better!

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  4. You have interesting passions! I’ll enjoy learning some minimalist tips. I’m planning to go fill time RVer sooner than later, but no more than 10 years from now. I’m already having the donation trucks coming by monthly! See ya in the reader 😉

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    1. Same! I plan on traveling where the road takes me. I drove cross country to California from NJ and it was so humbling. I can’t wait to spend more time experiencing different parts of the country. Even into South and Central America 🙂

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  5. Really liked Your about statement! “Do what you love” is a great motto to live by. Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope you enjoyed it and it was worthy of your time!

    This is a great book for helping you stay in control of your life – “Your Money, Or Your Life”. Check out the reviews on Amazon!

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  6. Hi GJ Seth,
    You visited/followed, Branching Out, one of my blogs. Thanx, I am ren.
    I am grateful our paths crossed, for we share commonalities.

    I am a living testimony to “Better late than never”.
    I will be 60 this year…..

    My son and I shared a decade old passion of moving to Colorado,
    Six months ago and “against most odds”, we traveled from Michigan to Colorado, living in a GMC Jimmy for a month…… and landed in southern California.

    It was a CRAZY-fun journey and Life is the best teacher.

    You have a very intriguing and inspiring site. I will explore it further.
    I love how you present yourself and what you have to offer.
    And that you walked away from the 9 to 5 life,
    showing others that it can be done.

    Thank you for finding and following me. I will gladly reciprocate.

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    1. Hey Ren!

      That’s so awesome that you and your son are doing it together. I love hearing that 🙂

      I absolutely agree that life is indeed our best teacher. Especially when we have an opportunity to leave the bubble we’ve called home for so many years. Southern California is one of my favorite places. Where exactly are you?

      I noticed you started at the bottom of my blog. You’ll be able to see the progression 🙂

      I’m glad we’ve connected. It’s definitely for a greater purpose.

      Keep in touch 🙂


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      1. We are in the San Diego area, Escondido. I am still discovering all the why’s of landed here and they are all just perfect!!!

        My son has also been a great life teacher for me….. he is very wise.

        When I discover a blogger of interest, I like to go see where they ‘started from’ and will dig down, find and read their first blog(s). You are the first one to call me out on it. 😀
        Yes, our paths crossed for a reason. We shall keep in touch.
        Thank you,

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      2. I lived in Temecula. Not too far North from where you guys are. Love it. Your son sounds very wise. I’m sure he and I are very much like minded.

        Let me know what you think as you progress with my blog.


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      3. I believe you are right of the like mindedness.
        Thanx for the ‘bump’. Been quite busy lately…think of your blog often, and…. thank you 😀 … will do.

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  7. These words say so much about you….there’s a lot to hear from you!
    You have a lovely blog with inspiring post. That’s a big reason for pressing follow button! 🙂

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      1. i love nature, I want to travel the world or maybe some parts of the world, I think my days of being caged is coming to an end. I have been totally out of my character since I was 19 I think, I consider 27 old. and 22 days ofcourse, I can still live I just missed a lot of time. of course I would love to start right now, that is exactly who I am, I just think I’ll have to prepare myself mentally. I live near amazing mountain, literally 30minutes away from it, i’ll start with a hike and tell you how it goes. Sorry for replying so late, I don’t blog on weekends.

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      2. First thing to do is stop limiting yourself by ideas of what is old or not. The only time you’re wasting is thinking that you actually wasted any time at all. Life is all about growth. Everyday you’re growing. You’re gonna do it. You will. I can feel it just through your message. I respect you. I know exactly what you mean about being caged in. I have that feeling as well at times. It’s soul crushing.

        Enjoy your hike and definitely let me know how it goes.

        Where do you live?

        You can always email me. Don’t worry about the time. Notifications don’t ever bother me. My phone is always on silent.


      3. In sure it’s beautiful there 😊

        The fact that you’re thinking about living a life with more freedom is a huge first step. Just keep putting those thoughts out into the universe and amazing things will meet you along your journey 🙏


      4. it’s an amazing place, you should definitely come sometime, but it’s winter now and the rain is awful, but it’s snowing up there. it’s better to come any other time, just not winter…there’s a story about that, but I t get into it, but put it on your list

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      5. yeah of course, it is important, creating awareness in what you do, i’m actually not allowed to, but I eventually will, especialy when I get published, it’s a good thing. What time zone are you in? I suppose it’s 4 in the morning there.


      6. and it means that you’re still awake, what’s keeping you up? I don’t want to go into it, but I will ask this, have you ever watched waitress? The movie. That’s how it is, anyway hope you slept well and enjoy your hourney


      7. thank you, I do believe. there is no way that my life will not be awesome in the future, that is what i’m looking forward to, what else is there right? The rest of my life belongs to me and no one else. Good luck on your adventures.

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  8. Thanks for stopping by today. LOVE your photos! Great site here. I’m trying to teach my kids 18/19 to live their dreams and not pursue a daily grind just to collect a paycheck. Our passions lead us to our purpose. B Blessed! 🙂

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