I’ve dedicated a large amount of my time learning how to grow my different social media outlets.  Some have been successful, others not so much.

Sometimes I find myself feeling lost, and wishing that I had someone to network with.  This page will be used for just that.  To share ideas so we can all have the blog that we want.

We’re all learning together.  Whether you have 10,000 followers or 1 there is plenty of room for growth.


  1. Reading and contributing to other blogs.  Leave thoughtful comments, like, then follow.  In addition to adding WordPress followers I’ve also met some really amazing people!

  2. Selecting proper hashtags and not using to many.  I try to see what’s trending for the day, and I select only relevant tags.  Also, do not overuse hastags.  Doing so will limit visibility of our post.  I read that the magic number is 15, but I usually select 10 max per post.

  3. Register your website with Bing and Google.  It helps with web visibility.

  4. Affiliate Marketing.  I reach out only to companies I believe in.  It helps me keep the integrity of  my name.  Affiliate marketing has allowed me to connect with companies and begin collaborations for future projects, which include guest writing on their blog.

  5. Capturing Emails.  I’m still learning about this one, but by adding a contact form pop-up I have seen an increase in the number of emails that I collect. I use MailChimp for free.

 SocialMedia_FB  SocialMedia_IG_1  SocialMedia_TT   SocialMedia_YT

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6 thoughts on “BLOGGING TIPS

  1. Seth, This is a great idea!
    Some things that I have noticed can also be helpful include:
    ~Posting on a regular basis, at least 4-5 times/week, if not daily. Yet avoiding posting more than 2-3 times/day.
    ~Keeping the posts concise and not too wordy. Though having longer posts of 700 words plus from time-to-time can help to get a point across, too long and folks lose interest.
    ~Replying to comments in a timely manner helps keeps readers engaged. Developing relationships with other readers is also a great way to connect.
    ~Collaborating with other bloggers helps to expand your experiences and can also help to expand your readership.

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  2. Thanks for inviting me over to leave some blogging tips here. Here’s the link to my most recent tip which is all about the biggest mistake some bloggers make when creating pingbacks to other blogs.

    You’ll also find lots of other posts I’ve written about blogging tips under ‘blogging tips’ on the menu bar at the top of my blog. And as you’ll see from the “Most Popular Blog Posts’ widget over on the sidebar of my blog, many of my blogging tips posts have received a lot of hits and comments.

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