Why I’m Traveling Halfway Around the World. Life-Changing

One week from today I will be boarding a plane and travel halfway across the world. A journey that I know will be a life-changing experience. But before I get to that I want to first apologize for my disappearance from the blog. I was having a new site built, but things didn’t work out. Five months later and I am back to where I started. The same place and the same people that gave me hope that through my writing and storytelling I can help people look at their own life with a different perspective.


One week before Christmas I received a text message that my job was ending. The weekend of Christmas a romantic relationship began to crumble. And days later I was told I needed to leave my apartment. You may be wondering where the beauty lies in what appears like a disastrous month of December. And believe me, during those couple of weeks I was forced to do a lot of soul-searching.

As I sat in my living room, sad and afraid, I began to wonder what I was going to do. I felt like my life had completely crumbled before me and I was left to sift through the ashes. Just weeks earlier I was reflecting on what was one of the best years of my life. I walked away from jobs that wouldn’t allow me to continue on my journey. Started a blog. I wrote and published a book. Then unpublished a book. And I met a woman who I believed I could spend the rest of my life with. Β But without warning, I was left feeling alone and unsure of where I was heading in life.


I knew there was a deeper reason why everything happened at once. I’ve been meditating and doing yoga daily and in my solitude, I asked out loud over and over, “Why did this happen?” I wasn’t feeling sorry for myself, but I was seeking the greater purpose and the why.

I remember a particular day after practicing yoga when I opened Instagram and the first thing I saw was a clip of Mastin Kipp on Oprah. In that video, he was literally repeating the same story that I had been living. I watched the video several times and when he referred to what happened as a “Divine Storm” I knew that I was being pulled toward something so much bigger. Full of enlightenment I quickly recorded my thougths and sent them to him. I’m sure he watched what he believed to be just another crazy follower, but what I felt and spoke that day was more for me than it was for anyone else.Β life-changingAs I focused on the “why did this happen” instead of “why is this happening to me” it gave me a new sense of purpose. And that purpose was to keep moving forward until I once again I was able to see with some clarity. And sure enough, light bulb after light bulb began to illuminate in my mind and I knew exactly what to do. I had an idea that would be life-changing.


In the sense of the word, nothing, I guess you could say I was close to having nothing, but I knew I had everything that I needed. I had the mindset to believe that what I was planning would lead me to a life more beautiful then I could imagine. And I had the trust that if I just let go, and just be, just be completely free that I would allow myself to experience something wonderful.

life-changingMy fear of the unknown began to fade as an overwhelming feeling of calm began to settle deep within every cell of my body. I sold everything I owned. The toughest thing to let go of was my car. But I then realized just how attached we become to these things in our lives. And how we allow these things to determine just how far we can go when it comes to the things we are passionate about. I was detached and feeling liberated as I once again was able to reconnect with myself on a freeing level. It was just the beginning of the process and it was already a life-changing one.


I described it best to myself in this way. If we walk up to a cliff with a 1000 foot drop our brains tell us to be careful because we know from what we’ve been told, or the stories that we’ve heard, that if we fall the end of our lives is imminent. But what if that wasn’t true at all. What if we walk to the cliff face and something or someone, whether you believe in God, the Universe, Yourself, or Something else, tells us that if we jump we will fly. Our initial reaction would be that’s impossible because it’s embedded in our belief system that in order to fly we need wings.

“But do you trust me and believe in yourself” we’re asked. Without any more hesitation we leap and we realize that we are able to fly. It’s a metaphor that I use and one that has helped me continue forward on this journey. We’ll never know what we are capable of unless we jump into the unknown.


mind-bodyHealth, fitness, and overall wellness is my passion. My life is spent continuing to understand the mind-body connection, and how we can live in a way that allows us maximum clarity to create the lives we desire. Exercise is great, but without proper nutrition, we could be moving backward. The two combined are best, but even better is finding our connection to ourselves. Spending time outdoors in nature bring us an unforced peace of mind. Our bodies moving as all of our senses are flooded with everything nature has to offer. If we come home and eat a healthy diet we are living in a way that is helping bring us back to who we are at the roots of being human.

We can go further and we can sit in silence every day. Whether we meditate first thing in the morning, before we go to bed at night, or anytime during the day so that our minds have the ability to reset. Meditation, a healthy exercise program and diet, and time spent outdoors are all things that I do regularly, but I still felt that there was something missing.

And for me that was yoga. I have been practicing yoga on and off for the past three or four years. More regularly in the last five months leading up to an everyday practice which is where I am today. A few months ago I was doing yoga. As I held one of the stretches I had a clear thought that I needed to incorporate it into my life. And into the lives of others.


I have created a lot of good in the past twelve months. I’ve connected with some amazing individuals. Some stayed. Some gone. But all have taught me some beautiful lessons. As I sat in my living room that lonely week following Christmas I decided I would travel to India for one month to continue to grow on my personal journeyΒ through life. I will be doing yoga every day. Meditating. Learning more about diet and the mind-body connection. As well as spending time exploring the beautiful outdoors.

The foothills of the Himalayan Mountains will be my daily view. The entire experience will be life-changing without a doubt. I plan on coming home with a deeper understanding of both life and myself. I look forward to sharing the journey with everyone who follows me. My blog posts may be short, but I will do my best to get them written. I will also be documenting and sharing a lot on Instagram.

life-changingAm I scared? Maybe a little. I’m anxious and nervous. Happy and excited. But I trust that by me completely letting go and taking the leap, my wings will spread and I will certainly fly. I don’t know the depths of what I will learn or where I will end up, but there is one thing I am certain of and that is it will be life-changing.


14 thoughts on “Why I’m Traveling Halfway Around the World. Life-Changing

    1. Hey. Thank you for commenting. Scary, but freeing is exactly how I feel. With one week before departure I am ready to close this chapter that was full of so many beautiful lessons and begin the next. I hope you will continue to follow my journey πŸ™‚

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  1. hi seth, i was wondering where you were. seems last year was arough one for alot of people. But this is the moment we get everything we deserve, our pain positions us to greater things, things our subconscious are scared of, so life forces us into our destiny. I’m really sorry that you got hurt, but now you know what love feels like, or what it’s supposed to feel like. i’m very ecxited for you, traveling the world, good luck. Most people would say they would fly if they could, but if i have to be honest, I know i can fly, but i don’t, the truth is we all can but we’re scared. For those who are flying, like you, you pave the way and tell us what’s coming. Enjoy your trip and happy new year.

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