Why Bad Times are Really Good Times – The Power of Perception

When we are going through difficult times, for most of us it feels like our world is crashing down on us. We wonder if the pain will ever end, and for some of us we begin to lose hope that it ever will. People tell us to stay positive, that it will pass, but usually any advice falls on deaf ears. How can anyone understand what we’re going through?

The answer is pretty simple. We have all gone through some sort of difficult times. Some more trying than others, but that too can be subjective. What’s considered difficult for one person may not be true for another. We’re all wired differently, and just because you or I can easily deal with a situation, it doesn’t always mean that every other human being will be able to do the same.

This is where things get tricky.


We can never truly understand what someone is going through. Yes, we may have experienced something similar, or even the same, but that does not mean we have experienced it exactly the same as someone else. On the outside it may appear the same, but inside an entirely different story has been written. That is perception. We only know about people that which they choose to share with us. Our minds are conditioned from birth, and very rarely will we know exactly how ones brain is wired. The best way to be supportive is to LISTEN.

Sometimes the people who appear to be the happiest, are actually the saddest. 


How we move forward from a bad experience is entirely up to us. We have a choice to remain stuck in the darkness (the past), or to move forward into the light (the present). We don’t have to let one bad experience define the rest of our lives, but much too often people allow this to happen to themselves.

When we go through something bad we are actually at an advantage when it comes to experiencing true happiness. This can happen in a couple of ways.

We Can Remember Happiness

We can reflect back to a time when we were full of joy and happiness. Most of us have experienced some sort of happiness as a child. Our brain remembers, we just need to choose to unlock that feeling. The advantage is that we know exactly what it feels like to be happy as well as unhappy. Choose whichever you prefer.

We Can Create Happiness

If we can’t remember a feeling of happiness, the other choice is to create it. Start right now by making the conscious choice to find happiness. It will take time and some work, but the end result is more than worth it. It’ll be life changing. Below are a few tips for creating happiness.

  1. Surround yourself with happy people! People will either lift us up or drag us down. Choose wisely.
  2. Protect what you allow into your mind. Negativity can enter our minds in many ways. Besides the people we surround ourselves with other examples include, the news, some television shows (TV in general), and other printed materials (newspapers and magazines).
  3. Develop healthy habits. Exercise is scientifically proven to increase our mood as well as our overall health. This doesn’t always mean heading to a gym. Start simple by taking a walk or going on a hike. Also, look into other proven techniques like meditation and yoga.


When we experience something bad, it opens the door for abundant happiness. We just have to want to choose happiness. I’ve experienced darkness, and I know what it feels like to be unhappy. I’ve overcame the obstacles of being trapped in a vortex of darkness several times. I have been able to perceive life in many ways, good and bad. While my perception is different than yours, and yours is different than mine, together that’s what gives us strength.

Together we can change anything, but we need to be understanding of one another. First, we need to work on ourselves. We need to understand that our issues are our own, and that we have great power and strength to overcome them. Happiness is a choice. So is it’s opposite. In the end, the choice is always ours.



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