Why Having too Many Great Ideas Could be a Bad Idea

If you’re like most people at one time in your life you’ve had what you believed to be a great idea. A few great ideas later and that original idea sits collecting dust while slowly being forgotten. It’s normal for our minds to wander in different directions. The thoughts and ideas that last are the ones that we give the most attention too.

Our brains are powerful. The more we do anything the easier it becomes. If I told you to make a fist you could do it almost without even thinking about it. But ask a toddler to to do the same thing and the response is slower, if any at all. The reason is simple. We’ve developed solid pathways in the part of the brain responsible for opening and closing our hands.


The same can be true for those great ideas that we have. The problem for most of us is that we never see what may become from those them. We don’t allow ourselves to create that strong foundation, because we become distracted with the next best idea.

How I Accomplish Every Goal Using These 3 Ideas

I’m as guilty as anyone. For years I’ve wanted to write a book. Times I would begin, but I always became distracted with by my thoughts putting my great idea on hold once again. It seems like every week I would have a new idea leaving the last to either die or collect dust until I decided to revisit it.


Having new ideas isn’t necessarily always a bad thing, but we need to learn how to filter through these them and pounce on the ones that could be life changing. It’s important to acknowledge ideas as they arise,
Distractions1but we need to be careful that they don’t distract us from where we want to go.

Sometimes new ideas arise from things that we are already working on. That’s a good thing, but we need to be careful that our energy isn’t spread so thin across the board that what we’re originally working on loses momentum. This is where it gets tricky, because sometimes we don’t realize that we’re doing it.


Today, my book is about 99% complete. I am polishing it up, so that it shines. I did most of the work in about four months, because I refused to allow myself to become distracted until it was completed. Along the way I had a lot of ideas that arose. I didn’t ignore them. I wrote them down and thought about them, but I didn’t allow them to distract me. Some will be what I focus on next.

I had clear vision and a clearer plan

I’m fortunate to live in a way that I’ll never have any regrets. I learn from everything in my life. LesBrownI may make myself a little crazy at times, but I’m confident that when I take my final breath (many, many years from now 🙂 ) I will rest easy.

There isn’t any reason all of us can’t achieve our own goals. Great ideas are meant to be acted upon or else we’ll risk them dying with us. We are all capable of doing great things, but we need to focus more on accomplishing them and less on the distractions that surround us.


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29 thoughts on “Why Having too Many Great Ideas Could be a Bad Idea

  1. Validating this article with a huge and resounding, “You got it!”
    Am writing my 6th book, The Rebel Patient, after almost dying 40 times. So shivering to read this as I’m putting the last dots on the last section of the last chapter.
    Well, gotta go and FINISH! Thank you, kind sir!

    Dr. Margaret Aranda
    Twitter @TheRebelPatient – won’t you Join me? Let’s Tweet!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. So Funny! I just finished penning the last stroke of my book (again!)! But this time, it is for real. You can Join me on my author blog, “Dr. Author” for insight on writing a book. 😉 Here’s a nutshell: Gleaned from many other authors who were asked to give 1 piece of their best advice on How to Write a Book, the most common answer is,


        Butt in Chair.
        Take your ‘best blogs’ and turn each one into a Chapter! You’ve already got the analytics so you already know which are the Most POPULAR! Woo~Hoo! You’re already doing more work than you know! Just Keep Writing! Write! Right!

        Yup. I agree! 😉
        Dr Margaret Aranda

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I like the idea about using a blog post as a chapter. I actually finished my memoir, but I’m sure there will be a few minor adjustments in the days to come 😉 And I’m tired of BIC lol.


  2. Thanks for the follow, I have only read this first blog and so far, I am impressed and think I will be getting a lot of idea and inspiration form your posts. I can relate with the topic that this post is addressing. Right now though, I am having a hard time getting anything to fit cohesively into a finished piece.


  3. After my wise old grandmother adopted me in 1966, she assigned me chores around the house, things like hanging the clothes out to dry, washing the dishes, clearing the table, taking out the trash……. Whenever I complained, she would say, “JUST DO IT!” (I’m convinced Nike stole it from her). That’s kind of been my method for accomplishing things these past 51 years.

    Liked by 1 person

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