Why Hating Money May Be the Reason We Never Have Enough

Money, for most of us we spend our lives chasing it. Sometimes we get close, but it’s just out of our grasp. If we catch up to it it never seems to be enough. And for some of us we despise it. We blame it for the worlds problems and we’re angry at the people who have it.

Love it or hate it money is a necessity of life. We can’t live without having some sort of income coming our way. There are ways we can minimize our need, but it’s still necessary. Some of us spend more than we make. We borrow from banks, also known as credit cards, and we spend our lives trying to earn enough money to pay back those financial debts.


We get in life what we focus most upon. If we’re constantly worrying about not having money, more financial difficulties will continue to plague our lives. There could be times that our finances seem to be in order, and others where it seems we can never catch up. Not having money today doesn’t need to be permanent. It’s important not to focus on the things that we don’t have, but instead too remain focused on what it is we want.

The trick to permanently moving away from financial difficulties is too ignore the stress that naturally comes along with not having enough money to pay our bills. Easier said than done I know, but it’s not impossible. When we look back and remember times we worried about not having money to pay a bill we can see that those bills were still paid. They may have been paid late, but they were paid. We need to ask ourselves, was it worth the worry?


We begin to despise things in life usually because we believe we can’t have them. Money is no different. We lack it and blame it for our problems. We see people who have it as the enemy as they flaunt the money and things that they have. We wish we lived in a world where money didn’t matter. But it does. And it always will. We have two options.

We can continue to fight it and never have enough or we can learn to love it in a healthy way.

When we drive my someone in their Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, we shouldn’t get angry or assume that they’re showing off. We need to get excited! Excited because we aren’t any different than that person and we too can have whatever we want. We need to accept money as a part of our lives and appreciate others who understand how to obtain it.


It all begins with where we most focus our thoughts and emotions. The latter being more important. If we constantly worry we will attract more of that emotional experience into our lives. If we can learn to get excited about having money, even when we don’t have it, money will begin to flow towards us.

No amount of money that we desire is unrealistic.

First we need to decide how much money we want. Once we have a number we need to tell ourselves what we’re going to do to get that money. We can’t just ask for one million dollars and expect to get it without offering anything in return. For example, I want $1,000,000 and in return I will publish a book that will teach people how to live a happy life. There always needs to be an even tradeoff.

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The power to believe is more important than anything. Wanting something and believing we will achieve it are two very different things. When we feel ourselves with the money in our possession it becomes real. When we begin spending that money before we hold it the realness increases even more.

We can live lives never having to worry about money, but first we need to learn how to change what we focus our attention on. If we don’t believe the importance of being a money magnet we will continue to struggle financially. The way I see it is there’s nothing to lose by at least trying what was mentioned in this post. Money comes and goes, and our financial responsibilities will always be taken care one way or another. We need to trust that things will be ok and stop allowing money to cripple our happiness.


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