How to Get Up and Take What We Deserve. The Art of Getting Shit Done

I wish I could make more money. I hate my job. I should’ve went to college. I would’ve been good at doing this or that. If you say or have ever said any of these things or something close to it, keep reading.

We all want more out of life. Whether it’s money, success, or experiences there is something inside all of us that we crave. For most of us we leave that craving unsatisfied because we trick ourselves into believing that it is not possible. We grab onto the first excuse that arises in our mind and we run with it. We run so fast and so far that before we know it our time on this planet is coming to an end.


  • Understand that time runs our lives
  • Accountability
    • Write down what we crave
    • Set a reasonable deadline
    • Plan how we’ll get there
  • Satisfy our cravings or die of starvation


I value time as much as I value my own life. Forget the theories about whether time is linear or not, because here on planet earth our lives revolve around it. We can not function without it. Alarm clocks ring at a certain time. Bosses expect us at a job at a certain time. Job ends, we eat dinner, we watch our favorite television shows, and we sleep all at a certain time. We get 86,400 seconds in a day. How we spend our time is directly related to our personal level of happiness.

Reality check: If you’re one of the people who spend at least 5 hours of your day watching television I can guarantee that you will die hungry. 


Just thinking about what we want isn’t enough. We need to practice ways to hold ourselves accountable.

  • Write down what we crave – Doing so reminds us of what we’re trying to achieve. But there’s more to it. We need to write it and keep it in a place that we won’t over look it. I painted a chalkboard on the wall in my living room. It’s hard for me to miss. We need to read our goal to ourselves out loud and imagine what it will feel like once we obtain it. First thing in the morning and again before we go to sleep is a good start. Doing so we are programming our mind to believe that it is possible.

  • Set a reasonable deadline – It’s important to hold ourselves accountable by setting a date we want to achieve our goals. When we read our goal we need to be sure to tell ourselves when we want it by. If school or a job sets a deadline for a project to be completed, we make sure that it’s completed by that date. We need to hold our own satisfaction to just as high of a standard. Setting a deadline allows us to think about it more often. It’s okay to become obsessed with satisfying our cravings. We all deserve to be happy.

  • Plan how we’ll get there – Every good idea has an equally good plan. We can start by taking baby steps. The more we think about making our dreams a reality the more ideas that will begin to come to us. If there’s a dream vacation we’ve been talking ourselves out of maybe we can start by looking up costs. When we know the cost we can plan on how to save for the trip and how to work it into our schedule.

How I accomplish every goal using these 3 simple steps


Blog_ShitIt’s very simple. If we don’t eat we die. The same is true for the human spirit. If we don’t feed our cravings it too will die. Benjamin Franklin said it best, “Most people die at 25, and aren’t buried until they’re 75.” We give up and lose hope. We accept everything that we’ve been taught up until that point and become comfortable. We ignore the things that will most satisfy us because we believe the fantasy in our minds that it’s not possible. 

Reality check #2: Everything is possible! Impossible only exists with the limits we allow our minds to believe. 

We are capable of great things, but we allow ourselves to become so distracted and tangled in the world around us that we forget we are a unique human being. Life happens as time passes us by and we stop believing that we deserve and can have more for ourselves. We worry more about things that don’t matter and less about our own happiness. Life is so ridiculously short, but most of us don’t realize this until we’re fighting for our last breaths.

Don’t let life bully you into believing you’re not worthy of all your dreams. Start today and do something that your future self will smile about. Don’t fear death. Instead accept that it’s a very real part of our being. Accept it, be OK with it, and allow it to help motivate you into satisfying all of your cravings. You deserve it!

Have you been ignoring any cravings, if so what do you think you can do differently? 

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16 thoughts on “How to Get Up and Take What We Deserve. The Art of Getting Shit Done

    1. Awesome! After talking to you I think a realistic deadline for anything you do, no matter how big, should be April 15, 2017 😆

      Seriously tho, big things are coming your way. I’m excited to be apart of the experience 🙏😎

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