Bad Words: The “F” and “C” Word are Crippling us; It’s Not What You Think

(photo by gjsethexplores)

Growing up some of our parents tried instilling in us not to use bad words.  Threats of soap in our mouths never stopped us from cursing, it only made us more aware of who was listening.  In society we label things as being “good” or “bad” and collectively we accept these things as just that.  By doing so I believe we miss more important lessons, like overlooking language that is truly crippling to our human behavior.


We know we shouldn’t use the word can’t, but most of us still do.  That’s the reason why 87 percent of us are still working jobs that we don’t enjoy going to.  We don’t believe we CAN change our current circumstances.  Most of the time we don’t even realize that we are using the word “can’t,” but say the other “C” word and we, along with everyone around us, will know that we just said it.  Saying we can’t do something is accepted by most of people.  It anchors us down and strips us away from having any hope that we can live the life which we desire.

People like billionaire Elon Musk never believed he couldn’t accomplish what he wanted even after his first couple SpaceX test launches didn’t go as planned.   SpaceX is changing space exploration today and for generations to come.  If Musk sat in a room and said, “I can’t do this,” he wouldn’t be a billionaire, we wouldn’t be talking about sending people to Mars, and I wouldn’t be mentioning his name in this post.


Failure is used more commonly than I like to hear, especially by influencers, life coaches, and motivational speakers.  I NEVER use the word failure when referring to anything that has happened in my life.  It has a negative connotation, and I believe it doesn’t allow us to fully move on.  When we say we failed at something it doesn’t excite us; it brings us back to a place of unhappiness.  It will always have a negative emotion tied to it.

There are no failures, only lessons.  

I’ve taken many risks in my life, and not all have gone exactly as I hoped they would have.  Some even set me back and nearly left me homeless, but I didn’t fail.  I had the courage to take a risk and I learned tremendously through those experiences.  I focus on the lesson they have taught me, and because of that the negative experience has a positive emotion tied to it.  I am stronger and wiser today because of it.

It’s important for us to eliminate these words, and accept everything that has ever happened in our lives as a lesson.  Not a failure.  There is good in every single thing that we experience, and if we can find it, we will be better because of it.

Life is happening right now, as you’re reading this.  Don’t let something that hurt you yesterday hold you back from living a happy life today.

Is there something in your life that you called a failure?  Looking back now, can you find the positive in it? 

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