Why It’s Important to Stop Comparing Ourselves to Everyone Else

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We’ve all heard someone say, or even said it ourselves, “it could always be worse.” It’s common practice for us to compare ourselves to others.  We do it everyday.  We compare our clothes, hair, cars, homes, careers, beliefs, and our problems to those around us.  We don’t realize that comparison of any kind will only prevent us from growing and moving forward.

We need to stop comparing ourselves to everyone else by understanding that not everyone experiences life exactly the same way.


Everything in life is based on the perception of the individual.  How I see something versus how someone else sees it could be entirely different.  If someone loses their phone and in their mind they are devastated, we shouldn’t try to make them feel better by comparing what they believe to be tragic at that moment to something that someone else is dealing with, for example a terminal illness.

While we can argue that one is more tragic than the other, by comparing our problems to someone else’s is not going to heal us.  In fact it will force us to suppress our emotions instead of learning how to deal with them.  If we are upset because we’ve lost a phone, scratched our car, or stained a piece of clothing it needs to be dealt with without comparing it to someone else’s perception of what a problem should look like.


It’s easy for something to go wrong, like losing or breaking a phone, and for our thoughts to scatter.  No matter what happens in our life there is always an answer within us, and we can hear it only if we learn how to remain calm and present in that moment.  What happens is, we allow our thoughts to take over and lead us into directions that pull us further and further away from the answer we need.

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It could always be worse only if we don’t stop comparing ourselves to everyone else and  understand that each of us has a different perception of life. We need to stay focused and not lose control of our thoughts.  There are ups and downs in life and it’s important to control your mind instead of allowing it control you.

We shouldn’t judge what other people are going through, because in their mind, at that particular moment, it is the worst possible thing that could be happening to them.  The only person who we should compare ourselves to is ourselves!   That is where growth comes from.

What are your thoughts on perception?  Have you ever gone through something that was upsetting at the time, and had someone tell you “it could always be worse?”

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5 thoughts on “Why It’s Important to Stop Comparing Ourselves to Everyone Else

  1. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. We could compare ourselves to others and try to be like them, but we would always have a different experience because nobody is the same. Ditto with telling people it could be worse. Everyone has their own pain and we can’t pretend to know how they feel. I rarely compare myself to others and find that with self confidence comes a willingness to celebrate other peoples good fortune or empathise with others during their hard times.

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