Morning Rituals Lead to a More Productive Day – Here’s How to Get Started

Our alarm clock goes off and after hitting the snooze button a few times we slowly crawl out of bed and begin our day.  Still half asleep we shower, get dressed, stare at ourselves in the mirror as we get ready, sometimes eat, brush our teeth, and we rush out the door headed to work, but not before sitting in traffic trying not to stress over the fact that we may be late.  Morning rituals will change your life.

If you’re apart of the 87% of people who don’t enjoy going to their job than you’re probably dealing with an even greater level of stress.  Yes, that number is correct! 

Practicing morning rituals may will help.  First, we must go to sleep the night before with a plan of practicing evening rituals.  Click here to read my post about Evening Rituals.


No matter what our ritual is it’s important that we wake up earlier than we normally would. This allows us to ease into the day without the stress that comes while we’re competing against time.  I wake up at 5am on most days.  There are some days that my mind is weak and I reach for the snooze button.  This usually only sets me back 10-15 minutes.  I don’t begin to get ready for my day until 6:30-7am, so I have plenty of time to wake up even if snooze a little.

DO NOT look at your phone when you’re eyes are first opening.  This will trigger our thoughts and before we know it they will multiply defeating the purpose of waking up early.


Sometimes in the morning I’ll do push ups and sit ups to get my blood flowing.  Other days I’ll practice yoga.  A quick jog or walk around the block it also beneficial.  Any exercise will do as long as we make it a daily habit.


I meditate daily.  Just recently I began to meditate as soon as I wake up instead of reaching for my phone.  Meditation helps me keep a clear mind, and the ideas that come to me during or after practicing it help with my productivity.  I began meditation daily about 6 months ago.  Read about my first 30 days here.


Reading is an excellent way to keep our mind calm in the morning.  It allows us to wake up and focus our thoughts on whatever we’re reading instead becoming distracted by the day ahead.


Seriously, if we aren’t happy with our lives, getting up earlier will give us more time to change our current situation.  Life is to short to do something that we don’t love.  Waking up even an hour earlier can WILL change our life.


New Jersey 2016


(Photo by gjsethexplores)

Once you give morning rituals a try it will be hard to live without them.  Waking up early has so many benefits.  The calm and quietness that you’ll experience is to good to at least try.

What are your morning rituals?  If you haven’t begun yet do you think you will start?

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2 thoughts on “Morning Rituals Lead to a More Productive Day – Here’s How to Get Started

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