Grow Your Blog Using These Simple Steps ~ Including Things That Could be Preventing Our Blog From Being Seen


I’ve dedicated a great amount of my time learning how to grow my different social media outlets.  Some have been successful, others not so much.

I’m far from being an expert.  I’m much more of a novice blogger, but I’ve figured out how to grow your blog in a short amount of time.  

North Carolina ~ 2015

Sometimes I find myself feeling lost and wishing that I had someone to network with.  This page will be used for just that.  To share ideas by commenting so we can all have the blog that we want…

We’re all learning together.  Whether you have 10,000 followers or 1 there is plenty of room for growth.


  1. Reading and contributing to other blogs.  Leave thoughtful comments, like, then follow.  In addition to adding WordPress followers I’ve also met some really amazing people!

  2. Selecting proper hashtags and not using to many.  I try to see what’s trending for the day, and I select only relevant tags.  Also, do not overuse hastags.  Doing so will limit visibility of our post.  WordPress limits using 5 – 15.  I usually select 10 max per post.WordPress also recommends not using to many categories, because it will prevent our posts from being listed in topic listings.

  3. Register your website with Bing and Google.  It helps with web visibility.

  4. Affiliate Marketing.  I reach out only to companies I believe in.  It helps me keep the integrity of  my name.  Affiliate marketing has allowed me to connect with companies and begin collaborations for future projects, which include guest writing on their blog.

  5. Capturing Emails.  I’m still learning about this one, but by adding a contact form pop-up I have seen an increase in the number of emails that I collect.  Emails allow us to notify readers when we share new posts, which will increase traffic.I use MailChimp and it’s free.

Share below what has worked for you, and please feel free to add anything that has worked for you.


You can also email me at

11 thoughts on “Grow Your Blog Using These Simple Steps ~ Including Things That Could be Preventing Our Blog From Being Seen

  1. I never realized how using too many categories or hashtags would hinder our blogs, this is new to me as well. I think it is a good tip though. I have used over 40 tags on some of my post, and never thought to think twice about it, at the time the limit was was like 50, so I made use of it. lol

    I don’t have the pop up window on my blog because I feel like it is too much right now , maybe down the road I may consider it but I do realize it does help bloggers. Mailchimp I heard is the best choice. I have not yet registered my blog for bing or google, didn’t know we should do that, that is nifty.


    P.S the fact you own your domain helps a lot too, I am hoping to own mine soon as well.

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    1. Thanks for commenting. I’m glad you found this post helpful. Before I knew about the tag limit I had posts with 47 tags. Once I found out we should use less I went back and deleted them.

      Even with a WordPress domain you can still grow your blog. Especially within the WordPress community. Just be sure to contribute to posts, like, and follow other bloggers. Doing that alone helped increase my WordPress followers.

      Click on the link on the bottom of my post and it will bring you to the page that has this information. On the bottom of that page is a comment section. There are additional tips on how we can grow our blog.

      You can also click here.

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      1. Wow! okay! well, I am not sure if I am as motivated as you to go back to all my published post and deleted tags, lol. that would take me forevere, but now I will keep it in mind for when I create new post 😀
        I will be sure to check out the link, thank you!

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  2. How does google ads work ? I have it! Buttttt! I always find myself like a deer by the read light when I open the page to read the instruction! How does it help ? And how will it help me ? Lol! 🙈😩


  3. Hi! I’m new to your blog, but thought I’d chime in. I love connecting with other bloggers as well and I’m also a novice. I think it’s super important to limit how many categories you use because it’s easier for you to keep posts organized, which means easy navigation for readers.

    I’m personally not a fan of using hashtags anywhere other than Instagram or occasionally Twitter.


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