How to go From Enduring to Enjoying Life

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I had an awesome time writing this post with Tiffany from unfilteredfromtheheart
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When in survival mode, we go into auto-pilot and we allow our biology to move through time and space in a reaction to our circumstances. This is incredibly disempowering and can also be very depressing. Here we will talk about ways in which we have shifted from surviving and enduring life in a reactive way to thriving and enjoying life in a responsive way.  


Appreciate the Little Things

Sometimes life doesn’t go according to plan. Life happens. So I find ways to appreciate what I can, as often as I can in any given moment. Stuck in traffic, I listen to my favorite music. I appreciate the scenery or the sunrise (or set). Sometimes I turn off the music and appreciate that I can sit in silence.  Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves that the only place we need to be is in that moment.  After all, getting frustrated about any situation does nothing to change it.

Have Courage

Stepping out of our comfort zone isn’t always easy, but it’s necessary for personal growth.  Doing something new can be scary.  Our brains have evolved to protect us, and we quickly talk ourselves out of things that might initially make us feel uncomfortable.  Acting on our thoughts before we have a chance to change our minds will be life changing.  Even if the result isn’t what we hoped for we will still grow and be stronger for having the courage to step outside our comfort zone.

Adapt and Accept Life as it is Happening

Getting upset about traffic, or being afraid to do something that may seem scary at first will only prevent us from moving forward in life.  Life is constantly evolving, and to keep up we need to accept it and adapt to any and all change.  We can’t be afraid to try something new and expect things to be different.  It’s ok that something scares us, but leaving it untried will be more damaging to the human spirit than whatever the outcome could have been.  

Finally, human growth is a life long process.  We should be able to compare ourselves to who we were yesterday and feel stronger today.  Be patient, never stop improving, and enjoy life 🙂

Being happy everyday is possible.

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      1. Yes. Sort of. My blog is dedicated to expressing my personal views about many aspects in human life outside the realm of conventions 🙂
        I might have written about the matters presented in this post 🙂 And it always inspires me to see other peoples thoughts on particular subjects I’ve also written about 🙂 This post, I must say is great!

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