Understanding Where Your Time is Spent Could Change Your Life


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Everyday we are given something of value.  A gift, donation, or deposit into our life account.  It’s one of the most valuable gifts we as human beings will ever receive.  Some of us get more of this gift than others, but one thing that most people have in common is that they neglect this gift.  Our day comes to an end and most of the gift is wasted or unappreciated.  That gift is time.  More specifically each day we are given 24 hours to spend.  How we spend it is entirely up to us and will determine how our life plays out.

Lets look at it this way.  Using the law of averages, most people work at least 8 hours a day.   Americans spend 46 minutes commuting to and from that job, about 5 hours watching television per day, and we sleep for an average of 6.8 hours per night. So far we have used about 21 out of our 24 hours.  Depending how old you are these numbers can fluctuate slightly.  How we spend the rest of those 3 hours depends our other responsibilities, age, lifestyle, family, etc.

What does this mean? It means we’re all screwed and we might as well accept the fact that we will be working our lives away at jobs that we don’t like.  Of course not!  It means that we need to be grateful for the time we are given and spend it more wisely.  If you’re someone who is doing what you love at work then great.  You’re spending about 8 hours very wisely, but if you’re looking to do more whether you’re happy or not maybe it’s time to evaluate how you’re spending your time.

The numbers above represent the average person working Monday through Friday.  The hours spent watching television, unfortunately represent everyday.  There are other studies showing that college students spend nearly 10 hours per day on their phones, less for men who spend about 8 hours.  No, that is a typo – click here to see that study.

Many of us want more out of this life, but we become prisoners of time.  We complain that the time we are given just isn’t enough.  We’ve all heard, or some of you’ve even said, “there just isn’t enough hours in the day.” Um, ok, but I could never mentally validate that excuse as accurate, because we all have the same amount of hours given to us EVERY SINGLE DAY.

As long as we allow ourselves to become prisoners of time we will never be able to do whatever it is we’re passionate about.  What I can say with great confidence is that there are plenty of hours in a day as long we learn to spend them wisely instead of spending them complaining, watching television,  sleeping more than we should, sitting in traffic because we’ve accepted that the job we have is the only job we’ll ever get (we become comfortable),  shopping, or whatever it is we waste our time doing.  Some of you have more responsibilities than others, for example you may have kids, but that shouldn’t set you back.  It just means you need to be more strict when budgeting your time.

If you’re working over 40 hours a week at a job that has you feeling numb than you need to spend less time elsewhere, so that you have more time to work on yourself.  Its my opinion that the biggest waste of time happens on the weekends.  We accept these two days as being different than the other five days of the week.  Instead of working on ourselves we spend this time “running errands,” going out with friends, or resting for the week ahead.  Think about that, you’re resting for a job that doesn’t satisfy you.

The same people that are idolized and/or who’ve become successful have the same 24 hours deposited into their life bank everyday. The difference, the only difference, is that they’ve learned to value that time and never, ever waste a second of it.

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