Why the Idolization of Celebrities Will Prevent you from Reaching your Goals

The definition of what a celebrity is has changed over the years from television, music, and sports stars to include those who have found fame via social media. With the rise of social media stardom, the desire for people to follow in their footsteps has also grown, with few who will ever reach that level. What I believe holds most people back is the idolization of these celebrities.

When we hold anyone to a higher standard, we allow ourselves to believe that in some way they are better than we are.  We don’t see them as equals. We see them as God-like.  

We become so obsessed with the idea of who these celebrities are that we too want to become the image of what they are portraying. img_0635We stand in line for hours to see them, scream and cry, or do whatever we can to have any form of contact with them.  I’ve witnessed people lose their mind with excitement when someone they idolized “liked” one of their comments. They would repost it and be overwhelmed that their favorite celebrity just liked their content.

Idolizing a celebrity will only dehumanize them.  Instead let’s admire them for their achievements, and be inspired to do the things that we’re passionate about.

Celebrities are people just like you and I. The only difference is they worked at their craft and have risen into the public eye. They got to where they are because they are different, not because they tried to be exactly like who they admired. We need to learn from celebrities instead of idolizing them to a point that prevents us from reaching their level. Ask yourself, what did they do to get where they are? What are their rituals? And what can I do to also reach the level that they are at? 

I am not any different than anyone who I look up too. I will achieve greatness, because I know that I am not any different. The only difference is they are further along in the journey than I am.

People will always idolize celebrities, and doing so will keep them in the spotlight.  But, if you are trying to dominate the field that you’re passionate about, you will not be successful if you think that those who are doing what you dream of doing are any better off than you are. Again, they are just further along in the journey!  Use them to learn how to get there, not to cry uncontrollably because they are trying to live their lives as human beings



David Wong – “There are two ways to dehumanize someone; by dismissing them and by idolizing them”

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