The Vicious Cycle of Complaining and Excuse Making

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Whenever I meet someone who isn’t living their life to the fullest potential I want to grab and scream at them to WAKE UP!  I realize that not everyone will open their mind and change the way they are living to better themselves.  I accept that. But it’s not those people who this is about.

img_0626This is for the people who want to better themselves, but they fall short because they’ve mastered two things, complaining and making excuses.

The reason this fires me up inside is because I’ve been through some difficult times.  I’ve also forced myself outside of my comfort zone to accomplish a goal. It’s not always easy, but it’s freakin’ possible. I understand that our perspective on life makes us different, but when I hear someone complaining while they’re trying to achieve their goal I want to tell them to

SHUT UP and keep moving forward! 


We all have the ability to do what we desire,  the only difference is how we get there.  


This is where I learned the power of positive thinking.

Growing up I witnessed a lot of negativity, complaining, and excuses.  Even at a young age I tried convincing adults that they had the power to do whatever it that they wanted to, but I was 10, and honestly, how often to adults take anything a child says seriously?

I realized that the more people complain, the more reasons they’ll find to complain about something

This past May I graduated college 12 years after taking my first class. It wasn’t always easy, in fact some days flat out sucked, but I did it by staying positive. Along the way I met people of all ages who found it necessary to complain about their journey.  Most of the time I would just smirk and be on my way.

Right now as I’m writing this blog I’m recovering from an opportunity that left me broke, and nearly homeless.  I’ve stayed positive through the experience and I’m stronger and more determined than I’ve ever been.  How we react to life is a state of mind – bottom line is that i would’ve decided to feel sorry for myself and complain to the world about my situation I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this blog.

I could go on and on, but for the purpose of this blog I feel this will do for now. We all have things that we deal with, and complaining about it won’t change it or help us become any better. People who feel sorry for themselves and want to make excuses and complain will never achieve what they want. It’s that simple. They’ll find reasons why they aren’t successful, instead of finding ways to make things work.

If we want something bad enough we’ll find a way. If we don’t obtain it it’s no ones fault but our own. This goes for me as much as anyone else, but I understand that if something doesn’t workout it’s my own fault. You need to stop whining and get whatever it is you want. img_0629You have more power and control over it than you think. It frustrates me to see people throw away their talent because they’d rather bitch and complain than do whatever it takes to get shit done. I want every person who I meet to achieve greatness, and as much as I want to take over control of their brain to do so I know it’s unrealistic. I have to accept that not everyone will put in the work to get what they want, but I also know that some of you are closer than you think. And it just might be a change of your perspective, and that click, which will allow you to make your dreams a reality.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’re trying to achieve; change your perspective and you’ll change your life.


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