How We Can Accomplish More by Taking a Break – This is My Sorta Taking a Break Post (Quick Read)

How we can accomplish more by taking a break….


22 March 2016
We all want to accomplish more, but it is easier for us to make excuses as to why we can not do something figuring out a way to get it done. Some of us want to change careers, make more money, work for ourselves, or just simply experience something new, and challenging. We have plenty of wants and even more excuses why it will never happen, but we lack ways that will help us get sh*t done.
Some of us do not even step out of the batters box before we convince ourselves that whatever it is we seek is impossible. Our ideas come and go as quickly as the days of our lives pass us by. The rest of us acknowledge our ideas, but never find a way to manifest them into something more. Below I will share the simple method that will help anyone accomplish any goal that they want bad enough.
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Have you ever had an idea and shortly afterwards you can not remember what it was? This happens to all of us far too often, and it could be costing us our dreams. We live in a world of digital technology, so there really isn’t any good excuse as to why we should forget anything.

What should we do?

Get it out of our head!

One way or another our idea should never remain locked in our minds risking becoming lost along with the other 70,000 thoughts we have each day (My rookie blog).
We need to immediately write down any thought that excites us. If we are thinking of changing careers and think schooling may help, we need to write it down. If we want to finally write that book we have been thinking about and an idea comes to mind, guess what write it down!

  • Pen and paper
  • Enter into phone
  • Record note
  • Tell your phone to take a note (Thank you Siri for always being there for me.
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    If you thought just writing down our thoughts would magically help make our dreams a reality, sorry for misleading you, but there is still some work that we must do. Having ideas and thoughts written down is an excellent start, but now we must organize and come up with a plan.

    Once we know what we passionately want to accomplish we need to make a realistic plan including a list detailing how we will get there. The list is a simple method which is multi-purposed. First, it will hold us accountable, and second it will motivate us.

    Things to consider when making a list

    • Be Realistic!– This is important. If we are not realistic and set our goal too high we could easily become discouraged and possibly quit. This happens often. If we want to further educate ourselves while raising a family it would be wise to set a date that we would like to finish school and then add the, things come up cushion

    Otherwise, the moment we become challenged we could find ourselves giving up. Remember, even if it takes 4 years to complete 2 years of education we will be much happier looking back in 4 years as we complete it instead of looking back wishing we would have started

    • Set Weekly “To Do” Lists – Remembering to, “Be Realistic,” set weekly goals. What do we want to accomplish this week? In the beginning, we should set just two or three things to do. As we cross each one off we won’t be able to control the feeling of excitement that will build within us. We are meant to challenge ourselves, and when we accomplish what we set forth to do we will feel great for doing so.

    NOTE: It is extremely important that we do not set unrealistic goals. Doing so will almost always end without us accomplishing our goals. If we have a list that feels too difficult we will begin to doubt ourselves and question whether or not we should continue

    • Stay Confident and Consistent Every day will not be easy. Some days will suck. Some days we will ask ourselves if this was a good idea. Some days we will wish we had never started. Good! When that happens, it means that we are doing exactly what we are meant to be doing. We are growing though the challenge, and when we come out on the other end we will feel more accomplished than we ever have before.

    We should use these feelings as reminders to why we started in the first place. When things get tough it is OK for us to take a step back and breathe. We can tell ourselves whatever necessary to keep moving forward, because trying our best is better than not trying at all.

    Don’t believe me, talk to anyone who may not have anymore time to start something new. Ask them if there is anything that they regret doing in their lives. When they answer, look deep into their eyes, and guaranteed you will feel their sadness and disappointment.

     How I Accomplish Every Goal Using these 3 Simple Ideas


    We make things more difficult than they need to be by overthinking the process, or by not thinking enough about it. Everything is about balance. The same is true for goal setting. Life is full of distractions which makes us full of excuses.

    When we look at people who are doing the things that we want to do, we need to remind ourselves that they too once stood where we are today. They didn’t wake up one day, and surprise, all of my dreams have come true. Well, actually, it kind of does happen like that, but the amount of hard work that they put in beforehand is immeasurable.

    It is important that we do not compare ourselves to anyone else, because we all experience our journey differently. Comparison can be detrimental to our dreams. When we compare ourselves to others, we can become frustrated that we are not where they are. We can use people for inspiration, but we need to take that inspiration and create our own beautiful reality.


    We are focused and nothing should stop us until we accomplish our goals. Every accomplishment should be celebrated. When we cross something off of our to-do list, we celebrate. When we create a list that will take us even further forward, we celebrate. And when we accomplish the goal that we set out to complete, we celebrate like we never have before. Once we are done celebrating and the dust has settled, we move on to the next journey.


    “Have you ever used a list to help you accomplish a goal?”

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    We all want to accomplish more, but it is easier for us to make excuses as to why we can not do something instead figuring out a way to get it done. Some of us want to change careers, make more money, work for ourselves, or just simply experience something new, exciting, and challenging. We have plenty of wants and even more excuses why it will never happen, but we lack ways that will help us get sh*t done. 

    Why we Should Never Have to Settle [at Work] Again – The Power of Perseverance

    As you sit reading this you may be one of the many people who are unengaged at work. Over the past few years there have been several studies showing that up to 87% of us  are not happy at our jobs. It would seem like a no brainer for us to get up and find something else, but we don’t. So why do we continue to do anything that does not satisfy our well-being?

    How to Make Money as a Freelance Writer – Resources for Finding Writing Assignments

    We all blog for different reasons. Some of us write because it’s therapeutic, others for networking, and some of us want to find ways to make money doing what we love – Writing! I’ve spent a lot of time trying to find ways to make money as a freelance writer. While I still believe knocking on a companies door (email) and offering to write for them is best, below I’ll share something that has put hundreds of writing assignments in one place.

    The Secret to Finding Balance in Our Lives – The Power of Meditation

    We are constantly trying to remain balanced in our lives. Distractions surround us. These distractions can take different forms depending on where we are located geographically. In the United States for example, if we live in a rural area we may be distracted by television, internet, cell phones, and small-town drama. If we live in or near a big city we face similar distractions that include large crowds of people and constantly trying to fit in.

    Meditation has existed for thousands of years, but it has only made its way to the West within the last 50 years. Meditation can still be seen as taboo in the West, but its health benefits are so great that we need to look past any stigmas that may be attached to it.

    I have been mediating on and off for years, and daily for the past year. I felt the benefits within the first 30 days. Below are some of the many benefits, including ones that I have personally experienced.


    Brain Function

    • Greater Focus – Wandering minds are associated with being unhappy
    • Management of Depression
    • Less Stress – Calmer and greater self-control
    • Decreased Anxiety and Social Anxiety
    • Helps with Addiction – Finding balance
    • Increased Gray Matter – We lose gray matter as we age. Loss of gray matter increases risk of mental illness and neurodegenerative disease

    Body Function

    • Strengthens Immune System – Stress suppresses the immune system
    • Reduces Inflammation – Any associated pain
    • Reduces Blood Pressure – Stress raises blood pressure. Sometimes to dangerous levels without ever being aware

    Listed above are just a few of the many benefits we can experience by practicing meditation. It is important for me to note that meditation alone will not treat or heal any condition that we are already dealing with, but by adding it into our daily regimen we will most certainly begin to benefit from the power of meditation.


    Meditation does not always need to be done sitting in a chair with our legs crossed. It is about self-awareness and understanding our emotions at any given moment. Becoming more self-aware will allow us to better manage our lives. Below are a few simple types of meditation.

    Zen Meditation

     Zen meditation is what many of us have heard of. Traditionally it is practiced while sitting on the floor, mat or cushion with our legs crossed in the lotus position. This is not necessary as we can get the same benefits sitting upright in a chair. Once we find a comfortable position it is important to begin focusing on the breath. An easy exercise is taking long deep breaths through the nose while counting to 8-10 then exhaling again through the nose. Each of the following breaths will be shorter in duration.

    E.g. Our first breath we inhale through our nose to the count of 8, slowly exhaling through the nose. The following breath inhale through the nose to the count of 7, exhale through the nose. Next, to the count of 6, and so on.

    After each breath, we will notice that our mind and body begins to feel more relaxed. We will continue to hear the chatter in our minds, this is normal. When it happens acknowledge it and allow it to pass. We should not become frustrated with the chatter as this will only lead us further away from a state of relaxation.

    Mindfulness Meditation

    Like Zen meditation, and all other meditations, mindfulness teaches us self-awareness. This can be practiced throughout the day. It does not matter where we are or who is around us. The point of mindfulness is to relax our mind and body throughout the day allowing us to feel more centered and relaxed.

    The technique is simple. We need to find a comfortable place to sit and begin breathing as we relax. Using the breathing techniques above will work. We can also take long steady breaths in without counting and exhale as we relax deeper. With each breath, we will begin to scan our body. Starting with our feet we should take a deep breath in while focusing our attention on our feet, exhale and relax while paying attention to any sensations that we may feel.

    Next, we will move up our body finishing at our head (cheeks, ears, forehead, etc.). The order isn’t important, it is only important that we scan our bodies while become fully aware of each body part while breathing slow and steady breaths. Once we try it a few times we can use this technique throughout the day. When we feel stressed at work we can begin scanning our body while breathing in and out of our nose until we regain focus and begin to relax.

    It is important to pay close attention throughout the day to our breathing. Our mouths should be closed as we breathe through our nose. Breathing through the mouth sends the body into a stressed state. Think about it. If we are being chased by a dog we will be panting in fear as we fight to catch our breath. A calm relaxed body will feel calm as we breath in and out through our nose.


    Take Back Control of Your Life

    Meditation will allow us to slow down and move more in sync with our bodies. We are likely to experience the benefits above and possibly even more. The experience is different for each of us, and like anything, we get what we put into it. Life is short. We are all born to walk this earth at the same time. Some of us walk longer than others, but one thing is for certain – We all get the same 24 hours in a day, but it seems to go by much faster for those who have less control of their lives.

    Control Your Mind Don’t Let Your Mind Control You

    Take a deep breath and begin to enjoy the journey more than you believe that you may be.

    There are many other types of meditation, but the above mentioned (and any embedded links) will certainly help anyone who is interested in beginning. Our bodies are meant to perform in a certain way, but life disrupts that flow daily. By becoming more aware of our thoughts, emotions, stress, and tension that we hold onto we will better be able to manage everything that life tries to throw our way.

    I want everyone to live the life that they desire and there is no reason why they can’t. Trying new things like meditation can grab and throw us back on track to the lives we always dreamed of living. It is easy to get caught living in a way that we have always been taught to be normal, but we need to remind ourselves, if it’s normal than why are so many people unhappy with their lives?

    Have you ever tried meditation before? If so, what works best for you? If not, will you consider beginning?


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