Your Heart Knows things your mind can’t explain…
We are always told what we should or shouldn’t do, but we don’t always listen. Our intuition guides us, and we have all experienced that feeling of, “I had a feeling that I should have/shouldn’t have done that, or I knew that was going to happen…”  
“You are the only one that can limit your greatness. REMEMBER YOU ARE ENOUGH.”
Trying to balance desire versus what we are meant to experience is a challenge. We always know what we should have done in hindsight, but most of the time we ignore that initial insightful feeling.

Make it count...

Your time is now...

Find your spark...

I don’t know how to tell anyone to approach that feeling. Only you know how it will feel. Don’t ignore it, because every time you do, you may be setting your life further and further off track from the thing that you desire most.
“Don’t be ashamed of your story; it will inspire others.”

How to Break Free from Comfort Zones – The Power of Feeling Uncomfortable

We all have things that we want to accomplish in our lives, but for most of us they go no further than just a thought. For some of us, that thought turns into doubt and fear before ever having a chance to manifest into our reality. It is easier for us to remain in a state of comfort rather than trying something new and feeling uncomfortable. So how can we take that first step?

Recently I have been talking a lot about comfort zones, but not to other people. I have been fighting to break through my own comfort zones. If you follow my Instagram story you may already know that being on camera is uncomfortable for me. I don’t do it often, so the sight and sound of me feels awkward. As weird as it may feel I know that the feeling is normal, and I know what I need to do.


We all prefer to feel comfortable. When we find our safe place it is easy to ride that wave, but we are not actually riding any wave. We are watching the wave from the beach imagining what it would feel like if we were out there. As we sit on the beach imagining there isn’t any danger, just anticipation as we wonder what it would feel like if we got out of our head and into the water.

I really want to do it, but (the water might be too cold.)

I should just go for it, but (what would people think?)

I am going to do it, but (I will start tomorrow.)

We have all used the above excuses. And for most of us, we still do. We have successfully talked ourselves out of leaving the comfort of the beach to experience something new. We stand up and walk away feeling disappointed never knowing what could have come if we would’ve taken that first step.


Our bodies are wired to protect us. Comfort is a form of protection from danger. When we feel uncomfortable we are being told to run and hide, but why are we running away from the things that we are passionate about? Most of the time we don’t know other than we prefer comfort over non-comfort.

Feeling uncomfortable is actually a good thing. A really really good thing. Our brains are amazingly beautiful. The more we do something the easier it becomes for us to do, but we have to start to benefit.

Before I made a few videos last week I used the above excuses and then some. I was worried how people would perceive them. I wondered if I would sound weird, and if I would lose followers, but I didn’t allow those excuses to stop me from doing what I felt I had to do. I was very uncomfortable when I put out my first video, but I knew that by doing so, and continuing to do so, I will overcome any self-doubt.

I am not fully comfortable after the first week, but I am feeling more excited to continue releasing videos. In fact, I will be releasing a Vlog (video blog) starting next week. Our growth that can come from feeling uncomfortable will be life changing, because after taking our first step any uncomfortable situations that arise in the future will become easier for us to face.


It is important for us to imagine our future selves, and ask what will matter more? Will we care more about the uncomfortable situation we put ourselves in, or about not even trying? For most people, the answer is always the feeling of regret. The wishing they would have tried, and the wanting to go back in time and do things differently.

I remind myself every day of the importance and value of time. We all know how quickly it passes us by, but we still treat it as if it is one of the least important things in our lives. I challenge everyone to ask themselves, what will matter more? We each need to live with our choices. If total comfort, and not trying something that we desire is what we choose that is fine, but if we want more than we should feel uncomfortable today rather than tomorrow when our time is running out.



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